About Us

Our Mission

You're in this to play; you didn't sign up for all the headaches of a wedding organizer, (every week!).

So we send the game invites, so you don't have to remember to do it.

We remind players who don't answer, so you don't have to.

We tell you if you are short of players for a game, so you don't need to constantly go to your phone and do a count.

And we tell everyone where to be, and when, for the game. So you know they'll be there.

That's Simpler Sport.

Our People

Colin Reid founded Simpler Sports in 2011 to ease the pain he has suffered since 1998 – when he started running an amateur soccer club.

Over the years he’s run soccer teams in several leagues in New York and Hong Kong, he’s scheduled hundreds of games (and only once got the time wrong), he’s ordered dozens of sets of kit, he’s set up many team web pages, and he’s been on tour from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, from Dublin to Yokohama. He knows how to do this stuff.

Occasionally he scores a goal. Email him and he’ll tell you about one.